Can I change my room?

  • No, unfortunately not.

What should I do with the moving-in-rapport?

  • If there are any damages or failures in your room, you must write all of them down on the moving-in-rapport. Within 2 weeks after the moving in date you must deliver the document at the office of Kollegieboligselskabet.

What does the amount from the first bill include?

  • The first bill includes the deposit (3 months of rent) + the rent of the first month. You will receive a new bill for the rent of the following month.

Where can I pay my bills?

  • You can pay your bill at the post office, in the bank or through your e-bank account. We do not accept cash or creditcard at the office of Kollegieboligselskabet.

How do I get access to the internet?

  • Upon moving in you will recieve an e-mail with your username and password. If you have problems with the internet, please contact "Foreningen Kollegienet Odense" by E-mail  Denne emailadresse er beskyttet mod programmer som samler emailadresser. Du skal aktivere javascript for at kunne se adressen.  or by phone 6314 4457. Kollegienet's webpage can be reached here.

How can I terminate my tenancy?

  • By filling out a notice of termination. You can find a notice of termination at our website - see Termination of Tenancy. Make sure to deliver the notice of termination at the accommodation Office at your place of education or at the office of Kollegieboligselskabet.

How long is the notice of termination?

  • 3 months. The notice starts when we receive the notice of termination. Remember you must leave your room 2 weeks before the end of the termination on either the 1st or the 15th in each month.

Can I change the time of the moving out inspection?

  • No, unfortunately not. If you can't attend the inspection remember to put the keys, laundry card etc. in the janitor's mailbox or return the keys at office of Kollegieboligselskabet.

Can I paint my room before I leave?

  • NO ! , As agreed with the educational institutions you pay 1/12 of the painting costs pr. month you stay in the room. 
    If you paint the room you might risk to pay the full amount of painting costs if we cannot approve your paint job. 

 When will I receive my deposit?

  • About 4 weeks after your moving out date. Painting, cleaning, missing keys, laundry cards and outstanding rent will be deducted from the deposit.

Media Licence Fee:

The licence is an appliance fee, set by Parliament. The collection of the licence fee is handled by DR Licens, part of DR's administration.

In Denmark you are legally obligated to register with DR Licens when you are of legal age. You need to register, within 14 days of procurement, whether you own, lease, or borrow your appliances; and regardless of whether you make use of DR's services or not.

The Media Licence, taken into effect January 1. 2007, covers appliances such as TV sets, radios, video or DVD recorders, computers with internet access, and mobile phones and similar electronic devices, that also work as a television or radio receiver. The Radio Licence covers radios only.

A licence covers all appliances in the household, including its car, boat, and summer residence.
A household is:

  • the licence payer
  • his/her spouse or partner
  • and children; minors and children of legal age living at home - registered with the National Register of Persons (CPR) at the same address.

Pensioners on old-age pension, with a personal allowance rate of 100 percent, can apply for a concessionary licence at 50 percent of the full licence fee. Please contact your local citizen service centre for further information and to get an application form. The blind need to make a Radio Licence registration only. In Denmark students do not get a concession.

Please, register here or call DR Licens at 7020 1313

If you no longer have any of the above-mentioned appliances you need to cancel your licence fee registration in writing or use the cancellation form, as soon as possible. The cancellation takes effect from the day it is received by DR Licens and cannot be backdated.

Contact information
DR Licens- og Programservice
Postboks 888
0999 København C

Fax: +45 3520 5200
Phone: +45 7020 1313