Termination of tenancy
  • In order to terminate your tenancy you must fill out a notice of termination and deliver it to the accommodation office at your place of education or at the office of Kollegieboligselskabet.
  • You can print a notice of termination from our website (see the green link below, PDF)
  • You have 3 months of notice. This means that you must pay rent in 3 months after you have delivered the notice of termination to us.
  • The 3 months of notice begins from the upcomming 1st or 15th after we have received the notice.
  • The moving out date is always on the 1st or the 15th in each month. According to the lease contract you must leave your room two weeks before the end of the termination.
  • However, there are some exceptions. If you are a SDUM-, UCLM-, or Tietgenm-student, and if you move out in a certain period of time at the year, you can stay in your room up until four days before the end of the termination. See your lease contract for further information.
  • It is very important that you are absolutely sure about the moving out date. When we have registered your termination it will be impossible for us to change it.
  • The janitor will make an inspection of your room on the moving out date. Approximately one week before you will get a message send by E-mail about the time of the inspection. The date and time can not be changed.
  • Before the inspection you must clean properly. In Rasmus Rask the tenant who is leaving is responsible for cleaning the entire bathroom and the entire kitchen. If both tenants are leaving on the same date, you are both responsible for cleaning both rooms. 

Notice of termination