Emergency Phone

On rare occasions, you may be in need of urgent assistance to solve a problem in your flat after normal office hours. We would like to provide you with the best service and to ensure that you can get fast help when needed. We have therefore made an arrangement with a company – Securitas – who are responsible for identifying your needs in the case of an emergency.


Typical situations where urgent assistance is needed:

  • Burglary, where your doorframe or perhaps the window glass has been damaged.

  • A leaking water pipe.

  • Power outage, if the electric power supply is disconnected, you need to check that the relay has not switched off due to an overload. Try to check whether your neighbor has any power. If this is not the case, check whether there are any lights on in any of the buildings in the neighborhood. The whole area could experience a total blackout of the power supply. If the power failure is only related to your flat, and the relay is not switched off, you may need to call the emergency number.

  • In case of fire, you need to dial 112. If you need assistance after the fire has been extinguished, call the emergency phone.

Can’t get in to your lease?

  • In case you have locked yourself out of the flat or you have lost your key, please do not call the emergency phone. Instead you should Dansikring on this number 70 26 36 50. Please be aware that Dansikring will send you a bill for opening the door, and you will have to pay this bill yourself.

  • If you have your keys and the lock does not work you should call the emergency phone 63 14 44 66.

What you do when the damage has occurred:

  • Call the emergency phone number below.

  • Inform them of your name, address and telephone number.

  • Inform them that your dormitory is administrated by Kollegieboligselskabet.

  • Explain to them what the problem is and what kind of assistance you need.

  • Please remember to inform the janitors on the following weekday about the damage, by e-mail to Denne emailadresse er beskyttet mod programmer som samler emailadresser. Du skal aktivere javascript for at kunne se adressen.

  • If you have had a burglary, please call the police at Ph: 114. Please also inform the janitors that you have reported the burglary to the police. The dormitory is insured against damage to the building. Damages to your belongings should be reported to your own insurance company.

Emergency Phone 63 14 44 66

Unlocking of door 70 26 36 50