Priority to common housing

Priority to common housing

 Are you living in one of Kollegieboligselskabet’s own accommodations, and have you finished your studies and need a new accommodation? Or do you want an accommodation you can live in after you have finished your studies? (If you are unsure whether you live in one of Kollegieboligselskabet’s own accommodations, you can check this by looking at your contract. If your lease number begins with 01, then your accommodation is one of Kollegieboligselskabet’s own accommodations)

Then it is possible to get priority to Odense’s common housing.

There are however two requirements which must be fulfilled:

  1. You must have lived for at least two years in the same student housing and the accommodation must not have been terminated or vacated.
  2. The applicant must furthermore either still be a full time student or have graduated within the last 3 months.

Please note that an accommodation organization can choose to withdraw the priority after you have refused 5 offers.

If you fulfill the above mentioned requirements you can get priority by:

  1. Contacting Kollegieboligselskabet by Denne emailadresse er beskyttet mod programmer som samler emailadresser. Du skal aktivere javascript for at kunne se adressen. to get a document stating your right to get priority – the document is valid for 6 months.
  2. Contact the accommodation organizations where you would like to apply for accommodation and bring the document from Kollegieboligselskabet.
  3. You will now get priority and you will then just have to wait until it is your turn to receive offers for accommodation.

Important! Your priority is only valid for 6 months and cannot be extended.Therefore, it is a good idea to apply for as many accommodations as possible, so that you increase your chances of getting an accommodation before your priority expires.

Please note that some of the accommodation organization's dormitories are not part of the priority arrangement. Please look at the accommodation organization's website or contact them to fint our which dormitories are not part of the priority arrangement.

List of participating accommodation organizations:

Arbejdernes Boligforening

Andelsboligforeningen Hedelundparken

Højstrup Bolig

Socialt Boligbyggeri i Odense

Boligforeningen Kristiansdal

Dalum Bygge- og Boligforening

Smede- og Maskinarbejdernes Andelsboligforening

Postbudenes Alderdomshjem Selvejende Byggevirksomhed

Fyns almennyttige Boligselskab


Andelsboligforeningen Samvirke

De Vanføres Boligorganisation, Fyn/Langeland

Odense Social-Filantropiske Boligselskab

Borgernes Boligselskab s.m.b.a.

Det Selvejende Boligselskab FOLKEBO

Pårup Andelsboligforening