Subleasing rules:


  1. To apply for subleasing it must be documented that both the sublessor and the subtenant are full time students in the subleasing period.

  2. A valid reason for subleasing is a leave of absence, an internship or exchange agreement as a part of the sublessor’s education.

  3. In the subleasing period the subtenant undertake all obligations and rights that are valid for the above mentioned lease according to the original contract.

  4. The rights and obligations are not restricted to the lease but also include the common areas. Please note that the subtenant is liable for damages done to furniture/fixtures in the lease and common areas caused by him/herself or possible guests. However, the dormitory will always hold the sublessor responsible for the damages and the sublessor must then make a claim to the subtenant. Moreover, we refer to original contract for the lease.

  5. The rent for the lease will automatically be charged at the subtenant if the sublessor has cancelled their agreement at PBS (betalingsservice)

  6. You are not allowed to have pets in the accommodation.

  7. The subtenant must be familiar with the current rules for the dormitory, such as dormitory orders and the maintenance regulations and other things.

  8. The subtenant is liable to the sublessor concerning the settlement of the water, electricity and heating accounts.

  9. The sublessor is liable to the dormitory concerning the settlement of the water, electricity and heating accounts.

  10. If the subtenant does not pay, it does not release the sublessor for the legal responsibility to pay the rent.

  11. The rent must never exceed the current rent including account for utilities, excluding laundry).

  12. It is not allowed to charge extra for furniture.

When the subleasing contract below has been filled out, it and the proof of education documents (see 1 and 2) must be submitted for approval to the administrator: Kollegieboligselskabet, Cortex Park 18A, 5230 Odense M

If you want to sublease your accommodation you must fill out  this subleasing contract and send it to Kollegieboligselskabet