For exchange students only

Rules and exceptions that only apply to exchange students

As an exchange student, your room is assigned to you through your educational institution and not through our regular waiting list. Therefore, some of the ordinary rules do not apply to you, while other rules only apply to you. Below you find a quick overview of these special rules. Anything not mentioned here are governed by our general rules. If in doubt, please refer to your lease or contact us for questions.


Painting of your room

As an exchange student, you are not allowed to paint the room yourself. As agreed with the educational institutions you pay 1/12 of the painting costs pr. month you stay in the room.
If you paint the room you might risk to pay the full amount of painting costs if we cannot approve the quality of your work.


Moving out on other dates

If you move out in a certain period of time at the year, ususally in January, you can stay in your room up until four days before the end of the termination. Information will be sent to you in reasonable time if it is possible to move out on other dates than the 1st or 15th.
Your lease includes basic furniture (not kitchen appliances) which you rent for a fee of 200 DKK per month. This fee cannot be discontinued even if you return the furniture to our janitors before the end of your stay.