Media Licence Fee

The licence is an appliance fee, set by Parliament. The collection of the licence fee is handled by DR Licens, part of DR's administration.


In Denmark you are legally obligated to register with DR Licens when you are of legal age. You need to register, within 14 days of procurement, whether you own, lease, or borrow your appliances; and regardless of whether you make use of DR's services or not.


The Media Licence, taken into effect January 1. 2007, covers appliances such as TV sets, radios, video or DVD recorders, computers with internet access, and mobile phones and similar electronic devices, that also work as a television or radio receiver. The Radio Licence covers radios only.


A licence covers all appliances in the household, including its car, boat, and summer residence.
A household is:


Pensioners on old-age pension, with a personal allowance rate of 100 percent, can apply for a concessionary licence at 50 percent of the full licence fee. Please contact your local citizen service centre for further information and to get an application form. The blind need to make a Radio Licence registration only. In Denmark students do not get a concession.


Please, register here or call DR Licens at 7020 1313


If you no longer have any of the above-mentioned appliances you need to cancel your licence fee registration in writing or use the cancellation form, as soon as possible. The cancellation takes effect from the day it is received by DR Licens and cannot be backdated.


Contact information
DR Licens- og Programservice
Postboks 888
0999 København C

Fax: +45 3520 5200
Phone: +45 7020 1313